Costumes of Garo , Khasi and Jaintia Tribes in Meghalaya

Costumes of Meghalaya tribes such as : Garo tribe, Khasi , Jaintia Tribe, Endi silk shawl, Dakmanda, Ka Shad Suk Mynsiem, Ka Pom-Blang Nongkrem, Kyrshah, Thoh Khyrwang

Costumes of Different Tribes in Meghalaya 

Costumes of Meghalaya show the ethnicity of the tribes namely the Garo tribe, Khasi and the Jaintias. Living in the peaceful hills of the north-eastern part of India, the beautiful state of Meghalaya houses these three famous hilly tribes of India. It is interesting to note that the Garos are the most skilled weavers of the region. Probably, every family earns their livelihood through weaving. Indeed, the traditional costume for women, called Jainsen, is an unstitched garment wrapped around to cover the body. It is woven from mulberry silk cultivated in the local region. The crowning glory of the costume of Meghalaya is the Endi silk shawl.

Garo Tribe:
  • The clothes worn by the Garo tribe varies on the basis of the place of residence of the people. 
  • Women who belong to faraway villages of Garo hills wear eking which is a small cloth worn around the waist. 
  •  Garo women who stay in either highly populated or crowded places wear long dresses which are made up of cotton. 
  •  The women belonging to this tribe wear a blouse along with a handmade lungi called Dakmanda, which is wrapped around the waist. 
  • The Dakmanda possesses broad borders around 6 to 10 inches thick with floral patterns adorned on them. 

Costumes of Garo Tribe in Meghalaya


Khasi Tribe:
  • Women belonging to the tribe of Khasi wear a Jainsen along with a blouse. 
  • This Jainsen covers their body right from the waist down till the ankles. 
  • To add on top of these dresses, tap-moh khlieh which is a cotton shawl is worn which is representative of an apron. 
  • Women wear a long Assam Muga silk piece in the form of a dress during Ka Jainsem Dhara
  • The senior women of the tribe wear Jainkup which is made up of woollen cloth. 
  • During Ka Shad Suk Mynsiem which is a festival of the Khasis, female dancers wear a cloth which is draped right from the waist up till the ankle.
  • This is worn with a blouse having full sleeves having beautiful lacework around the neck. 
  • The dress comprises of two rectangular pieces of cloth which are embroidered with gold threads fixed in a crosswise fashion, one of it overlapping the other.

Costumes of Khasi Tribe in Meghalaya

Ka Pom-Blang Nongkrem is another Khasi festival during which unmarried girls wear costumes which are pleasing to the eyes paired with golden or silver crowns with yellow flowers placed on them. 

Jaintia Tribe:

  • Women belonging to this tribe have a traditional style of clothes in comparison to other tribes. 
  • They use a Kyrshah which is a small piece of cloth having checks on it to cover their heads post harvest season. 
  • They cover their bodies with a velvet blouse and an ankle length sarong known as Thoh Khyrwang.
  • The females of the tribe wear a cape like cloth made up of Assam muga silk. 
  • The men and women belonging to the Jaintia tribe dress up in ostentatious and splendid costumes during festivals. 

Costumes of Jaintia Tribe in Meghalaya



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