Traditional Costumes of Maharashtra

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As Maharashtra is a large state, the people of this colorful state wears different types of costumes,. When we talk about Maharashtra and its people, an image immediately comes up in our mind of local Maharashtrians in their traditional wears. The clothes or the traditional costumes of Maharashtra are very realistic and practical in its approach.

Generally, men wear dhoti and pheta in olden days, while women wear choli and saree.
The costumes of this state of India compose a 9 yard saree for women (Nauvari), and shirt and dhoti for men.

Let’s look at these costumes.

Costumes for Women of Maharashtra

Women in Maharashtra wear saree, which is nine yards in length and a short-sleeved blouse. Generally, this is the costume of elderly Marathi women and also known as "Lugade" or Sadi in Marathi.

Costumes of Women in Maharashtra
  • The 9 yard sari for women is known as Nauvari. It looks like trousers. There is no need to wear a slip or petticoat under this type of saree because of its specific pattern of draping. 
  • Fabric of Nauvari saree is commonly cotton, for special events, silk tops the main list. 
  • There are Paithani sarees as well popular for their special style and look. The Brahmain women of Maharashtra put on sarees in a specific style in which the plates. 
  • They make use of choli along with the sari and blouses and polkas. 
  • There are some other exclusive outfits of Nasik, Malegaon and Pune in Maharashtra. 

Old lady of Maharashtra in traditional saree

Women living in cities have become more westernised and working women these days wear 'Chudidars', pants, and skirts, which are more comfortable. With Bollywood in Mumbai, the city is the center of fashion and one can find the latest designs here.

Costumes for Men of Maharashtra

Men wear dhoti with kurta or shirt, which is a famous costume throughout Maharashtra. They also put on bandi over their shirt and there is a turban known as ‘pagadi’ and ‘pheta’, which is made of cotton, silk or woolen cloth. It can also be a freshly folded turban known as rumal, patka, phet. Pagadi, the prepared form of turban was also used to wear, but it is rarely used these days. Sometimes a waistcoat or jacket known as "Bandi" is also worn over a shirt.

Costumes of Men in Maharashtra
  • During the festive seasons, men wear Ackan, Suvar, Churidar and Pyjama. In old age, Maharashtrian men were known as warriors. 
  • So they are greatly influenced by the manhood and fighter’s personality that appear in their clothing as well.
  • The Maratha Brahmans are very particular about the securing of their dhoti, which always had to have five tucks, three into the waistband at the two sides and in front, while the loose end is tucked in front and behind.

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