Costumes of Santhal (Santal) tribe in India

Costumes  of Santhal tribe,  Santhal tribe dress,  Clothing  of Santhal tribe

Costumes of  Santhal (Santal) tribe in India

Santhal people are very simple in nature and behavior.  The santhals have their own clothing and distinctive draping styles. Now days people wear the sarees and dhotis whatever available in market. However they prefer cotton material for daily use and synthetic sarees with good drape for occasional use.

Costumes  of Santhal tribe

Women wear petticoat, saree and blouse. But the old ladies rarely wear blouse as everyday clothing. Children wear shirt, pants whatever they like and which is available in the market. There is no such traditional garment existing for children now a days. In earlier days children use to wear langot a cloth to cover their private parts. Male wear a lungi- a rectangular cloth at bottom and a vest or shirt on top. Usually men hold a gamchha almost all time. Either they tie the gamchha on the head or on waist.

 As in Santal religion, religious specialists are drawn from the village or family and serve a wide range of spiritual functions that focus on placating potentially dangerous spirits and coordinating rituals.

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