Traditional Costumes of Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal Pradesh was one of the few states that had remained mostly untouched by external customs, largely due to its difficult terrain.

Outfit of Himachal Pradesh varies from various regions. The ladies of Himachal Pradesh normally utilize long kurtas, ghaghri, salwars and cholis for eg. the shirt. Most elite identification of individuals in Himachal Pradesh is the hand-woven outfits, which are made with extraordinary grace. The scarves that the ladies use on their heads are very popular and well known in Himachal Pradesh.

The farmers and the laborers who need to work in fields go for the Dhoti, kurta and a cap. They change to long nightgown(pyjamas), for going to events and celebrations, and furthermore for attending marriages.

Because of the cold, and often very cool climatic conditions, shawls are very famous among the neighborhood individuals just as the tourists. People from Himachal Pradesh are famous for their shawls. These shawls are popular for their smooth texture, quality and artfulness, and are the most stylist expressions of the costumes of Himachal Pradesh.

Costumes for Men of Himachal Pradesh

People of Himachal Pradesh are widely divided into two classes Rajput and Brahmins. The attires are largely identical, but some differences can be noted.

Costumes for Men of Himachal Pradesh

Rajput Community:
  • Rajput Men wear tight Churidar Pyjamas with long kurta also wrap long silk overcoat over it. 
  • The overcoats are made with yak leather and golden strings which help them keep warm in these cool conditions.
  • They wear a turban over their heads which are colour-dyed and starch-stiffened.
  • Himachali people grow long moustaches and wear caps or topis along with it.
  • Growing moustaches is considered as symbol of pride and honour among the Rajputs.
Brahmin Community:
  • Brahmin Men can be often seen wearing long kurta and pyjama or dhoti along with a waistcoat or an overcoat and tie a turban on their head to cover their head.
  • The priests of Himachal Pradesh for the most part wear dhoti, kurta, a turban, a coat or a waist coat, and a short towel that is set on the shoulders.
  • The Brahmin Pujari (priest) likewise also carry an Indian prophetic yearbook, which is known as the Panchang.
For special occasions and festive ceremonies, men wear new kurta pyjamas along with beautifully designed embroidered caps or turbans and wrap shawls.

Costumes for Women of Himachal Pradesh

Costumes for Women of Himachal Pradesh

Rajput Community:
  • Rajput women wear long kurtas stretching from their neck to their feet. 
  • They also consider wearing Ghaghris, Salwar-Kameez and Cholis. 
  • Cholis are shirts which are worn on the upper part of body with a long skirt and many colorful bangles.
Brahmin Community:
  • The clothing of Brahmin women is also similar to that of Rajputs. 
  • Brahmin women wear dresses like salwar kameez, ghagra and choli. 
  • For festive or special occasions and celebrations like marriages, they wear long pyjamas, traditional ghagra choli which are homemade with beautiful embroidery and new stylish rings and bangles.

The footwear produced using dry grass, are magnificent to keep females legs warm during the cool weather. Costumes of Himachal Pradesh are actually weaved and the handlooms are truly prominent all through the condition.

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