Traditional Costumes of Tripura

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People think that Mens and Womens of Tripura also follow similar traditions and patterns of wearing clothing in Tripura like other north-eastern states of India. 
However, the reality is very different. The outfits are completely diverse in terms of designs, patterns and materials in this state of India. 

Tripura is blessed with natural beauties because of its hilly areas. You can also find hardworking weavers with expertise to design stunning dresses for kids, youngsters and elderly people.

There are several tribes in Tripura like Kuki-Chin, Khakloo, Lushei and Halam, where you can find art of weaving for designing traditional outfits.

Extra ordinary customized clothing can also be seen in tribes like Khakloo. As the inhabitants of Tripura like to live simple lifestyle, their costumes are also designed simple and beautiful. Plain dressing pattern is prevalent throughout the tribes that can be seen in regular work and hilly weather. Toddlers hardly wear anything apart from those times when it becomes necessary in the rainy season and winter. Loincloth is worn by the kids.

Costumes of Men in Tripura

Very usual costume for men in Tripura is a loose cloth which looks like a towel known as Rikutu Gamcha worn with a shirt known as Kubai. During the hot summer months, people put on a turban or pagri over their head to protect themselves from excessive heat and humid. 

Traditional Costumes of Tripura - Mens and Womens

The western culture has influenced the clothing of young boys and they love to wear t-shirts, jeans, trousers, shirts and other outfits in western style.

Costumes of Women in Tripura

In tribes like Khakloo, women cover themselves in a large piece of cloth called as Rinai. It is draped all across the waist till the knees. Women also put on a short size of cloth known as Risa. Most of the Risas are designed with beautiful embroideries. Women can also be seen wearing head dresses at the work.

Tripuri girl wearing Rigwnai and Risa

To look even more beautiful, females here were strands and plethora of beads around their necks. They wear a blue cotton fabric as well that looks like petticoat or skirt. When it comes to performing the dance, some extra clothing are worn by the women. Moreover, they wear beautiful jewelry in special occasions and festivals.

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