Costumes of Different Tribes in Tripura

 Costumes of Tripura tribes such as : Khakloo Tribe , Riang tribe, Kuki-Chin Tribes and Halam Tribe


Costumes of Different Tribes in Tripura

Khakloo Tribe Clothes:

Khakloo tribes weave outstanding designed clothing. 
  • They lead a simple lifestyle and humble manner. 
  • The costume designs also very simple and most of the tribe people wear the same pattern dresses. 
  • The dresses are a very comfort to do the work in hilly weather. 
During the rainy season and in winter people are very aware of wearing the clothes and used Loincloth dresses during these seasons. 

Riang tribe (Reang):

Riang tribes like to identify themselves as Bru. It has rightly been believed by this Riang tribal community that the term Riang has been taken from another word, Borok in 'Kokborok'.

Festivals celebrated by the Riang Tribes include Ker, Gonga mwtai, Goria, Chitragupra, Hojagiri, Katangi puja, Lampra uathop. The Garia Puja is an important festival which is organised in the month of April. 

Riang tribes

Men traditionally wear a hand woven loin cloth and a piece of cloth as a wrapper for the upper body. The women wear a long cloth called Mnai, a wraparound; from the waist to down to the knees, a Rsa covering the chest, and Rikatouh for covering the whole upper half of the body. 

The fabric is usually woven by the Reang women and very colorful. However modernization has caught up with the Bru and most urban Reang no longer wear their traditional costumes.

Kuki-Chin Tribes Clothes:

For the Chin Kuki Mizo, “dresses are the unwritten constitution”. It is a symbol whereby a man’s social status, culture can be determined. 

Every shawl and loin cloth is patterned with beautiful designs and checks with different colors which have immense cultural significance. 

Costumes of Kuki-Chin Tribes from Tripura

Their clothes are created from designs based on things they find in their surroundings, such as creatures, animals birds, rivers etc. as well as in the myths of origin of the tribe concerned. 

There are shawls and loin clothes for every group of people; for the rich, married people, youth, aged, for the poor and even for children. There are also dresses for funerals 

Halam Tribe

The Halam tribe also known as Mizo is a tribe in Tripura. They are divided into 15 sub-divisions. A large number of Halam people are Hinduism, besides few peoples practice Christianity. 

Costumes of Halam Tribe in Tripura

Ethnically Halams belong to the Cocase-Mongoloid origin of Kuki-Chin tribes and their language is similar to that of Tibeto-Burman family. They have typical houses built of bamboos and Chan grass called 'Tong Ghar'.

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