What is Nauvari Saree ?

Nauvari Saree  (Other term is ‘Kasta sari’ )

Nauvari (also known as Nav Vari, Nauvaree, Kasta Sari, Kacha, Sakachcha, Lugade) is a nine yards saree worn by the Marathi women or women of Maharashtra. The name ‘Nauvari’ originated from the saree’s length of nine yards.

The style of drape for Nauvari has evolved drastically from the traditional style to the modern-age cult and is draped in such a way that it gives a trouser-dress like an appearance, while the sari is tucked at the back. Nauvari sarees usually come in cotton and is worn without a Petticoat.


This style of sari draping is common among all the castes but the way of draping differs according to the region and topography as well.For example, Brahmin women wear it in a particular way which is called as brahmni on the other side aagri people from the raigad district wear it in a knee length fashion is called as 'adwa patal' whereas with a small variation the kunbi or the farmer women of raigad district and some parts of ratnagiri as well wear nineyard which is called as "uprati" .

Sayali Badade, an HR executive said,
"A woman who wore a Nauvari was always looked upon with respect. The reason being both the shoulders of the women are covered, and it makes for a completely traditional wear. The style was originally started and popularised from the Peshwai reign".

Mostly worn in dance competitions, "lavani" and Maharashtrian folk dance.

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