Costumes of Different Tribes in Assam

Costumes of Dimasa Tribe , Bodo Tribe , Tai Phake Tribe , Mishing Tribe , Rabhas Tribe

Costumes of Different Tribes in Assam

Dimasa Tribe

The Dimasa people (or Dima-basa, and also called Dimasa-Kachari ) are an indigenous Assamese community of people inhabiting Assam and Nagaland states in Northeastern India.

The style and pattern of this tribe’s clothing are very traditional and cultural. Both men and women wear costumes designed in household looms

Costumes for women in Dimasa tribe :
  • Rigu: wrapper or lower garment of various colors, worn from waist to ankle.
  • Bathormai: a kind of Rigu which has only one particular design, worn from waist to knees; it can be of different colors.
Dimasa Tribe Traditional Costume

Costumes for Men in Dimasa tribe :
  • Riendi or rithap: chaddar or shawl worn by men, usually made from Endi/Eri silk of silk worm. 
  • Gainthao: white long dhoti, worn from waist to ankle 
            We have described only few of these costumes for Dimasa tribe, there are many more.


Bodo Tribe

Bodos of Assam live in the lush green area of the northeast state of India. They are recognized as a plains tribe in the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

The Bodos use the term Bodosa (which is pronounced as Borosa meaning son of Bodo) to describe themselves.

Costumes for Women in Bodo tribe :
  • Bodo woman wears her "Dokhna or Dokhona "covering the body from the chest down to the ankle. 
  • Its length and breadth is made in such a way that it can be tied one round at a time in the waist. 
  • The tribe females accept Mekhla as the customary dress. T
  • The upper wrap is known as Riha worn with Chaddar.
Now-a-days Bodo women wear blouse to cover her upper bosom and adorns with "Jwmgra "(Scarf)on it.
Bodo Tribe Traditional Costume

Costumes for Men in Bodo tribe :
  • Traditionally Bodo menfolk used to wear male garment called " Gamsha " ( Gamosha in Assamese ) to cover the body from waist down to the knee. 
  • Previously Bodo old man used to wear wooden footwear known as " Khorom " ( Karam in Assamese ).  
  • There was no use of shirt in the past days. 

Tai Phake Tribe

    Tai Phake also known as Phakial or simply Phake, belong to the Tai-speaking tribal group living in Dibrugarh district and Tinsukia district of Assam.

Costumes for Women in Tai Phake tribe :
  • The elderly female persons wear one girdle (Chin) around the waist extending up to their ankles. 
  • To cover the upper half of the body, the women use a long stripped cloth called Fa Nangwait, about 2.3 meters long and 1 meter wide. 
  • A cloth belt, Chairchin, about 6 centimeters wide and 1.5 meter long is worn around their waist. 
  • The dress of unmarried grownup girls constitutes a Chin, a Fa Fek Mai and a blouse.

Tai Phake Tribe Traditional Costume

Costumes for Men in Tai Phake tribe :
  • The dress of the elderly male is generally house woven checkered lungi (Fatong) of green and black color lined with red, yellow or white yarn, one ganji, one shirt of mill made cloth purchased from the market and a white turban.
  • For their warm clothes the elderly male persons prefer Endi Chaddar which they collect from the market.

Mishing Tribe
The Mishings are an indigenous Assamese community inhabiting in 11 districts of Assam.
One of the biggest river islands in the world 'Majuli' is mainly inhabited by the Mishing people.

Costumes for Women in Mishing tribe :
  • Women of this tribe wear Sampa all across their waist. 
  • Married women wear an additional piece of cloth with this dress on their hip. 
  • To cover the upper body parts, women wear Galuk. 
  • Hura is also worn by some of the females of Mishing Tribe.

Mishing Tribe Traditional Costume

Costumes for Men in Mishing tribe :
  • A simple white dhoti (ugon) or sometimes a long colored dumer (towel) and a shirt (galuk) are the costumes of the men for daily use.
  • On the special occasion, a man wear a shirt (Mibu galuk) over his usual dress and a dumer (towel) is a must along with a turban (paguri).

Rabhas Tribe

Rabha is one of the Schedule tribes living mainly in Assam and West Bengal.
The Rabhas of West Bengal and Assam generally speak the local Bengali and Assamese dialects. 
The Rabhas who live in the forest villages have retained their original Rabha dialect to a great extent.

Rabha Tribe Traditional Costume
  • People of this tribe put on traditional costumes called Koum Kontong. 
  • They are commonly very stylish and colorful which is covered like a shirt all across the waist. Women adorn vibrant blouses to look beautiful. 

Note: There are many more tribes in Assam. We have listed only few of them.

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