Costumes of Different Tribes in Arunachal Pradesh

Costumes of Tangsa tribe, Miji Tribe, Adi Tribe, Monpas, 
Tribe of lower Kamla Valley

Costumes of Different Tribes in Arunachal Pradesh 

Tribal Costumes in Arunachal Pradesh 

People of Tangsa tribe adorn the costumes style of Burmese. Men of this tribe wear lungi of green color with white, red and yellow yarn. They wear a sleeveless shirt as well as an upper garment. Women put on eye-catching woven petticoat with a beautiful linen blouse. Females of Miji tribe who live in the East and West Kameng districts, depict simplicity and elegance in their outfits. The long cloak is simply wonderful of Miji women. They wear big earrings and dazzling necklaces.

The people of Adi tribe live in sub-tropical areas in the districts of Upper Siang, East Siang, West Siang, Dibang Vally and Upper Subansiri. They wear woolen garments and jackets to make their body warmer. Both men and women also wear clothing made of deer, bear and cane skin.

Tangsa Tribe

The Tangshang in Myanmar as well as the Tangsa in India regard themselves as a Naga tribe.
Traditionally, the Tangsa kept long hair in both sexes, which is tied into a bun and covered with a piece of cloth, known in some Tangsa varieties as the Khu-pak / Khu-phop.

Costumes for Women in Tangsa Tribe :
  • On the other hand, the costume of the womenfolk traditionally used to be a piece of cloth wrapped around the chest and a similar piece of cloth wrapped around the waist extending just below the knees. 
  • Nowadays, with the availability of yarn, their costume include an artistically woven petticoat, which acts as the lower garment, and a linen blouse.

Tangsa tribe Women Costumes
Tangsa Tribe Women Costumes

Costumes for Men in Tangsa Tribe :
  • The menfolk traditionally used to wear a long and narrow piece of cloth called lamsam / lengti that barely covers the hip and pelvis region. 
  • However, nowadays they wear a broad cylindrical piece of cloth called lungi that is green in color and is lined with yellow, red and white yarns, and accompanied with a sleeveless shirt. 
Tangsa tribe Men Costumes


Miji Tribe
  • The residents of Miji Tribe believe in keeping it simple which is why women inhabiting the districts of East and West Kameng put on outfits which are very simple but bring out their elegance. 
  • A long cloak is generally worn by them. 
  • Clothes without accessories are a waste. 
  • Therefore, the dress is accessorized with huge earrings and beautiful neck pieces. 
Miji Tribe Costumes


Adi Tribe
  • These people reside in the sub-tropical regions of Upper Siang, East and West Siang, Dibang Valley and Upper Subansiri. 
  • Because of the cool temperature in the region, men, as well as women, are required to wear jackets and woolen clothes so as to keep themselves warm. 
  • The clothes of both men as well as women are made out of deer skin, bear skin and cane skin.

Adi Tribe Men Costumes

  • This is a Buddhist community of Arunachal Pradesh which is very famous for its skull cap. 
  • This skull cap is made up of laces and fringes. 
  • Women also wear sleeveless chemise paired with a long jacket. 
  • The chemise is tied to the waist by a long and narrow cloth so as to keep it in place properly.

Monpa Tribe Costumes

Tribe of lower Kamla Valley
  • Costumes worn by the people of this tribe are very attractive. 
  • Women tie their hair above their forehead in a knot. 
  • Crinoline of cane rings is the unique feature of female dresses of the region. 
  • These rings cover the upper part of the body and are an alternative to the use of blouse. 
  • However, as far as today’s scenario is considered, not many women can be seen in this kind of dress.
Note: There are many more tribes in Arunachal Pradesh. We have listed only few of them

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