Traditional Costumes of Jharkhand

Traditional Costumes of Jharkhand for Women and Men, Traditional Dresses of Jharkhand, Panchi and Parhan traditional wear in Jharkhand, Anjana and Swarnarekha silks, Traditional Clothing of Jharkhand, Dress of Santhal tribe.


The cultural mosaic of Jharkhand was dreamt about, shaped and polished by generations of communities, which have inhabited this land since time immemorial.

Costumes of Jharkhand really depicts the nature, culture, style and simplicity of its people. This state was previously a part of Bihar. In November 2000, Jharkhand became a separate state of India.

Costumes for Women of Jharkhand

Women cover themselves in sarees and blouses. Women, of well-off families, or costume-crazy women, can hardly ignore the dazzle of the ethnic as well as amazing Tussar silk sarees, manufactured in Jharkhand. Tribal female's traditional clothing is the Panchi and Parhan.

Parhan, the lower garment is topped off by the upper Parhan.

Traditional Costumes of Jharkhand for Women

  • The silk sarees are endowed with a lustrous texture, and often with traditional paintings or print, demonstrating tribal dances, and tribal festivals, i.e. various nuances of tribal life. 
  • Recently, the newly launched Anjana and Swarnarekha silks of Jharkhand are ruling the market. Fashion-conscious women are flaunting themselves in this new innovation, respecting ethnicity.
The tribe-centric culture of Jharkhand, has exhibited its preference for plain but elegant accessories. Gold, silver and beads ornaments are indeed aesthetic and hence, eye-captivating. The local women beautify themselves with the help of these ethnic and artistic costumes of Jharkhand.

Costumes for Men of Jharkhand

Men maintain their decency with only one piece of cloth, called Bhagwan. The major tribes of Santhal Pargana, for instance the Paharis and the Santhals follow a dress-code, unique in appearance.

  • Side by side with the tribals, live the non-tribal people. 
  • These people envelop themselves in the traditional costume of Jharkhand, and almost the whole of India, dhoti, kurta- pajama and shirts. 
  • Men while featuring in ceremonies, dress-up themselves in better quality and attractive-looking kurta, pajama and sherwani. 

Ethnic costumes of Jharkhand are also superb for both men and women. People also like aromas and perfumes.

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