Traditional Costumes of Haryana

Traditional Costumes of Haryana for Women and Men, Traditional Dresses of Haryana, Jat community traditional wear in Haryana , Daaman, Kurti & Chunder, Ghagra, Odhani, Haryanvi Wear, Traditional Clothing of Haryana.


The energy and spirit of the people of Haryana is quite evident in their lifestyle too. Their simplicity and intense enthusiasm find expression in a  way  they dress up.

Costumes for Women of Haryana:

  • Women of Haryana are much in love with colours. 
  • Their basic costumes includes Daaman, Kurti & Chunder. 'Chunder' is the long, multi colored piece of cloth, embedded with shiny laces and motifs, and is meant to cover the head. 
  • Kurti' is a shirt like a blouse. 
  • The 'Daaman' is the ankle-long skirt, in different vibrant colors. 

Jat community women wear a shirt, ghagra and orhani (sometimes aslo called as odhani) which fall below the foreleg. Hence these costumes are available with various colors. The whole costumes together are called as thel.

  • Ahir community women wear a petticoat, orhani and angia. Angia is a tight fitting blouse. Ahir community women can be recognized easily when they are in public. 
  • Jat and Ahir community women generally work outside the house and in fields. So these costumes are pretty helpful for women to cover the abdomen.

Costumes for Men of Haryana: 
  • Mainly men of Haryana wear 'Dhoti', the wraparound cloth, tucked in between the legs with a white-coloured kurta worn on top of it. 
  • This type of costume is quite famous in other parts of country as well. 
  • 'Pagri' is the traditional headgear for men, which is now worn mainly by the old villagers. 
  • All-white attire is a status symbol for men. It’s old tradition and men with Dhoti look amazing.

Different castes such as Rajput, Brahman, Bania, Ahir, Jat , wear Dhoti in different styles according to their specific castes. We can identify the Haryana people according to their wearing of turbans. Due to their tradition, Men always take a blanket over their shoulder as a wrapper.

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